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Why You Might See Democrats’ Ads on This Site


A reader, hoping for a little more help for Randy Hultgren, writes in:

[Bill] Foster is trying to paint himself as an independent.  Ironically, as I read your blog on the National Review website, I see that the National Association of Realtors PAC has two banner ads supporting Foster with this exact argument.  Understanding that the National Review needs funding for support like any other business, these ads seem out of place.

Foster is not independent.  He voted with Pelosi 93% of the time and voted with his largest campaign contributor, the SEIU nearly 90% of the time.  He also voted in favor of every single Democratic spending bill.

If the National Review is going to accept funding for ads supporting Foster, again I understand.  But, I’m hoping that you might throw more support Hultgren’s way.  If the Hill’s poll is more accurate than I think, Randy’s going to need as much support as we can give him.

I get these kind of messages with surprising frequency. I know I’ve posted on this before, several times, starting back in spring 2009:

I understand ads for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran are appearing on this site, at least for Virginia readers. From my location, it even shows up if you look at this post in the archives, which mocks the Washington Post for declaring that he lives “quite literally” in his brother’s shadow.

I figure this is probably some sort of package deal on political blogs, and it’s a free country; Moran can advertise whereever he likes, so long as the check clears. Still, it’s a little amusing to see him advertising on NRO, considering that he hit rival Democrat Terry McAuliffe for accepting fund-raising help from Republican strategist Ed Rogers.

UPDATE: Jerome Armstrong, who’s doing web outreach for Moran, says, “It’s Google ads, we are running them geo-targeted throughout the state. VA is an open primary state. Most likely NRO’s ad broker has a deal with Google for remnant advertising.”

Right now, sitting in Northern Virginia, I see quite a few ads for incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly, who’s running in the neighboring district. I cannot help but suspect that the click-through rate for a Democratic candidate advertising on NRO is . . . er, less than optimal, but they’re free to try.

So, next time you see a web ad for a Democrat on NRO and it bothers you greatly, keep in mind A) I haven’t seen it and can’t unless I travel to your location and B) I doubt anyone at the organization signed off on it.

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