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Let’s Clean Up the House and Help George Phillips.


In light of the news of a tie below, let’s make NY-22 Republican George Phillips our man to help out today. He’s a former inner-city substitute teacher, former staffer for Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, and current teacher at a Catholic school and community-college instructor.

Maurice Hinchey? Well, he’s in a Democratic district, but not an overwhelmingly one-party one: D+6. Yet he is among the most liberal members of Congress, with a lifetime ACU rating of 4.43. The nine-term Democrat supported the impeachment of George W. Bush and asserted that the former president deliberately let Osama bin Laden escape from Tora Bora. Hinchey would have you believe his critics who charge he has unusual financial ties to projects benefiting from federal grants are full of baloney and ought to shut up:

Like Phil Hare, he seems a little confused by the notion of deficit reduction:

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