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‘He Works for Her.’ But That’s Not Even His Worst Flaw!


I’m glad to see the NRCC jumping into Ohio’s 6th district, but considering the recent revelations about the incumbent, this strikes me as almost beside the point:

Come on, NRCC. Charlie Wilson is the kind of rubber stamp that grabs his wife by the neck, throws her against the refrigerator, and kicks and punches her, leaving her in bruises.

UPDATE: Hmmm. From Cook Political Report:


Charlie Wilson (D)

Toss Up. GOP Air Force veteran Bill Johnson is wisely avoiding Wilson’s two decade-old divorce file, and Wilson’s ex-wife’s detailed accusations of domestic violence are receiving little play back home in the district. Still, this race was extremely tight well before several conservative DC websites decided to air Wilson’s political dirty laundry. New GOP polling shows Wilson behind, and even Democratic polling shows the two-term incumbent in dismal shape, which explains the DCCC’s decision to buy ad time here for the first time last week.

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