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Now Serving the ‘Three Martini Lunch’


Over on the home page, you can see the latest experiment/offering here at NRO, a new midday podcast entitled “The Three-Martini Lunch,” produced with the help of Greg Corombos of Radio America.

The idea is to give you a quick (ten minutes or so) take on three developing or breaking bits of the day’s political news — usually one bit of good news, one bit of bad news, and one bit that is outlandish, outrageous, or just plain unbelievable.

Those who have been reading, watching, and listening to me for a while will notice a strange food-related theme to my offerings over the years: the early video series “Red Meat,” the old after-hours blog “On Tap,” the “Morning Jolt,” and now “Three-Martini Lunch.” Apparently the upcoming collection of my works will be Oral Fixation, Volume One and Two.

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