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New York Democrat: ‘Carolyn McCarthy Is Out of Practice on How to Run a Real Race.’


New York congressional solidarity:

New York Democrats are more stressed about House races involving veterans like Long Island Rep. Carolyn McCarthy than about contests with newbie local lawmakers , insiders say.

“It’s not the rookies we’re worried about as much as some of the people who have been around a while,” lamented a senior New York City congressman, who spoke about strategy on the condition of anonymity.

“I’m a little worried that people like Carolyn McCarthy are out of practice on how to run a real race, and you never know with Nassau County voters,” the lawmaker warned.

The story continues:

Local party officials and lawmakers are urging the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to pay attention to races like McCarthy’s and those of upstate Reps. John Hall and Maurice Hinchey. Hall, whose district includes Orange County, is locked in a surprisingly tough race with GOP challenger Nan Hayworth, while Hinchey, who represents part of the Hudson Valley and the Finger Lakes, is up against surging schoolteacher George Phillips.

Fran Becker. Nan Hayworth. George Phillips. Are they the cornerstones of the New York GOP comeback?

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