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Third-party candidate and former Republican Tom Tancredo is within three in Colorado’s governor’s race.

Hickenlooper’s the most popular candidate for governor, with a 51/41 approval rating. But his support has been stuck in the 47-48% range since before the primary. When Tancredo and Maes were splitting the vote relatively evenly it looked like that would be enough but as Maes’ support continues to dwindle to closer to zero Hickenlooper all the sudden [sic] looks extremely vulnerable. Voters in the state have warmed up to Tancredo on a personal level as the campaign has progressed. In early August his favorability was an extremely negative 27/50 spread, but he’s now on slightly positive ground at 45/44.

Darn it, Hickenlooper, you’re going to cost me a Ruth’s Chris steak.

By the way, call me crazy, but I have a hard time believing that an electorate angry enough to put Tancredo close to the governor’s mansion is going to keep incumbent Democratic senator Michael Bennet.

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