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Baby, Don’t Forget His Number


From today’s Jolt:

Whatever You Do, Don’t Put the Blame On You; Blame It on the Rain, Yeah Yeah.

You recognize that lyric. You remember the phenomenon: A sudden new star takes the world by storm, crooning to wild crowds in packed arenas . . . the boast was the audacious claim to be “bigger than the Beatles.” The most prestigious of prizes were handed to the revolutionary prodigy. Then the sudden revelations and disappointment — the words that were once were so melodious and enrapturing were all just smoke and mirrors, an alluring illusion that could never live up to the incessant media hype. Suddenly, once-devoted supporters jump off the bandwagon, and it becomes hard to find anyone willing to admit they were ever a big fan.

I refer, of course, to Milli Vanilli. But you were thinking of a more recent over-hyped phenomenon, weren’t you?

Anyway, the Democrats have a new, and yet timeless, excuse: “In more bad news for Democrats, rain is in the forecast for much of the country on Election Day. Weather tracking websites, including and The Old Farmer’s Almanac, are calling for rain in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast regions, with chances for precipitation in other parts of the country as well. According to Laurel Harbridge, a Northwestern University political science professor, GOP voters are not typically discouraged by rain. “Republicans are helped by bad weather . . . it does harm Democratic prospects.” Wendy Schiller, a political science professor at Brown University, echoed Harbridge. ‘Bad weather almost always hurts Democrats,’ she said. ‘The traditional Democratic base tends to include lower-income people and the elderly. Both of those demographic groups have a hard time getting to the polls.’”

At Wake Up America, Susan Duclos sees a contradiction: “Since Republicans are seeing a 12 point advantage with seniors, isn’t it contradictory to claim that if it rains on election day, it will hurt Democrats with the senior vote? I guess in Schiller’s twisted reality Republican supporters do not melt in the rain but Democratic supporters do.”

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