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The DCCC Flunks Math, Again


This DCCC ad makes the usual suggestion that a Republican who prefers a flat tax or fair tax — an idea that will never move beyond the drawing board during this presidency — supports a 23 percent sales tax on everything, implicitly suggesting it would be in addition to current income taxes, not replacing them.

But the DCCC must be really out of touch to use the line:

“Over 200 dollars a week, for groceries!”

Do the math. A 23 percent tax that amounts to $200 per week means the item being taxed is worth . . . $869.56. That’s almost $125 per day, or $45,341.61 per year.

Does your household spend $870 or so on groceries per week? Just how much do you eat? A lot of Wagyu steak, I take it?

Does anyone at the DCCC actually shop for groceries?

Another man exclaims, “Sixty bucks, just to fill up my truck!”

Apparently it costs him roughly $260 to fill up his truck now. What is he driving, an Abrams tank?

UPDATE: Some folks wonder if the DCCC means that the new cost is $200, not the cost of the tax itself. Except “in just one month, the average American family of four will spend almost $500 on groceries alone.” That comes out, most months, to about $125 per week. A 23 percent tax will raise a cost of $125 to $200? No, that doesn’t add up.

The only way this adds up is if the shopper in question spends $163 per week on groceries. Not an absolutely outlandish figure, but I doubt one that most Americans will relate to, particularly in times like this.

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