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PPP’s President Donated Legal Maximum to North Carolina Democrat Running for Senate


Public Policy Polling is a Democratic firm, and they would argue that they have never hidden that. I note that their polls are often mentioned or cited by media publications that don’t mention their partisan affiliation, a phenomenon that is bothersome, but not really PPP’s fault.

It is a free country, and the folks at PPP are free to donate to whoever they like.

It is interesting, however, that PPP’s president, Dean Debnam, donated the legal maximum, $2,400, to North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Elaine Marshall. He also donated another $2,400, presumably earmarked for campaign debt retirement; both donations are dated October 18.


(For formatting purposes, I’m breaking the line on the FEC sheet into two boxes.)

The firm’s last poll in North Carolina came out on October 19, and Debnam is quoted in it.

“The good news for Elaine Marshall is that she’s picking up undecided voters and closing the margin against Burr,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “There’s good news for Burr in the poll too though. His support is pretty steady and he’s very close to the 50% mark.”

Of course the release neglects to mention that he is a Marshall donor.

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