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I Love This Message: “Hurt . . . Congress.”


Let’s start Election Day with a lovely anecdote from a key swing district:

Looks like the vaunted enthusiasm gap is alive and well in VA-5. I live on the southern border of Charlottesville and the county and had a 10 minute wait when I hit the polls as they opened at 6am. Talked to some folks, including a gentleman with a Republican sample ballot, and they said the line was twice around the building at 6 a.m. back in 2008. No surprise that there would be a drop off for a midterm, but it was pretty dramatic this year.

Crowd seemed to skew heavily to the typical midterm voter: Older, white and male. I’m about a mile and a half from the UVA and from downtown, so I don’t know what turnout is like out there but where I am it looks like the message of “Hurt U.S. Congress” might be catching on with voters that hit the polls in the early morning.

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