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Message Received, Message Rejected


A quick thought from the Jolt this morning:

I only caught a few minutes of McLaughlin Group this weekend, but I liked the observation from Monica Crowley that the question is not whether President Obama ‘gets it,’ or whether he heard the resounding verdict from the American people on Tuesday. He heard it. He gets it. And he rejects it. If the American people are losing faith in President Obama, then to President Obama, that reflects a failing on the American people’s part, not on his.

President Obama is offering occasional words that sound a little contrite — “Part of my promise to the American people when I was elected was to maintain the kind of tone that says we can disagree without being disagreeable. And I think over the course of two years, there have been times where I’ve slipped on that commitment” — but as usual, the insistence is that this was a salesmanship failure or a communications failure or a tone failure. Obama cannot acknowledge that his policy vision is too far to the left for a center-right country. It would challenge everything he’s worked for his entire life…

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