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Tell Me This Is Some Obscure Texan Humor


From the Morning Jolt:

Er . . . You Did Vote in 2008, Right, Mr. President?

This anecdote from Alex Barker of the Financial Times smells about half-true: “The venue was the Oval Office. A group of British dignitaries, including Gordon Brown, were paying a visit. It was at the height of the 2008 presidential election campaign, not long after Bush publicly endorsed John McCain as his successor. Naturally the election came up in conversation. Trying to be even-handed and polite, the Brits said something diplomatic about McCain’s campaign, expecting Bush to express some warm words of support for the Republican candidate. Not a chance. ‘I probably won’t even vote for the guy,’ Bush told the group, according to two people present.’I had to endorse him. But I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me.’ Endorse Obama? Cue dumbfounded look from British officials, followed by some awkward remarks about the Washington weather. Even Gordon Brown’s poker face gave way to a flash of astonishment.”

Was Bush kidding? Sarcastic? Blowing off a little steam? Pulling Gordon Brown’s leg?

“I wish I could say I didn’t vote for McCain,” quips Zip at Weasel Zippers.

ADDENDA: Over at Ace of Spades, Slublog notices that liberals, having been dealt a setback in the midterms, have embraced a new cause: a petition demanding TLC cancel “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” before it airs.

That . . . is really quite sad.

President Bush wouldn’t really have endorsed Obama . . . would he?

Or would it have been a brilliant, reverse-psychology strategy to ruin Obama’s credibility with his base? “Strategery”?

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