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‘Given the Past History of Write-in Ballots, Joe Miller Will Win.’


I touched base with the Joe Miller folks, to see how they’re enduring their bout in electoral limbo up in Alaska.

They’re confident that the absentees will help Miller close the gap, and the number of invalid write-ins will erode any lead for incumbent Lisa Murkowski. They shared a chart laying out their path to victory:

Absentees and write-ins can help put Joe Miller over the top.

Team Miller recognizes the difficulty of the task before them. “It’s darn tough to fight an establishment system that’s hell-bent on sucking on the Government teat,” one Miller backer laments. “Murkowski has a whole dependent wing of “mafia” types to support (according to Tim Carney).  So, Murkowski threatens radio hosts and businesses alike, while federal contractors use federal dollars to influence a federal election and electioneer to federal employees on federal land (caught on tape). Yes, Joe made some mistakes mostly out of naiveté and a press willing to manufacture stories (they fired those two producers by the way caught on tape trying to find a child molester at a Joe Miller rally).”

The Miller team’s scenario might seem excessively optimistic, but their man did reduce his margin by 914 votes already. Just 11,333 to go.

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