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The Unresolved House Races, Part One


I checked in with Ann Marie Buerkle’s campaign up in New York’s 25th congressional district, and they’re cautiously optimistic.

“The NRCC website has the current tally at Ann Marie ahead by 659 votes, but the tally is actually that she’s ahead by 687 votes,” Jennifer Groover, the campaign’s policy coordinator, tells me. “We picked up votes in the recanvassing. The first of the four counties in the district, Cayuga, will begin counting absentee ballots this afternoon. Monroe is Friday, Wayne is Monday, and Onondaga is next Wednesday. So far all of the re-canvassing efforts have netted votes for AMB. Things still look very good for us, but the [Democrat Dan] Maffei campaign is doing everything they can to make the process as onerous as possible.”

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