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Gallup: 20 Percent Describe New Health-Care Law as ‘About Right’



Americans are most likely to say the health care law passed earlier this year goes too far (42%), while 29% say it does not go far enough and 20% say it is about right. Those who believe the law goes too far tend to favor repealing it and passing a new bill as opposed to scaling back the existing bill or repealing the law and not passing new legislation in its place.


The Nov. 4-7 USA Today/Gallup poll finds that most Americans are generally dissatisfied with the law — 20% describe it as “about right.” But less than a majority think it goes too far, and 10% favor repealing the legislation and not passing a new bill in its place.

A substantial minority of 29% seem inclined to want to expand on what the current law does, saying it does not go far enough. That includes 46% of Democrats, but also 27% of independents and 12% of Republicans.

Republicans are, not surprisingly, most likely to say the law goes too far. Half of Republicans would like to repeal the legislation and pass a new bill to replace it, while 20% favor repeal without new legislation.

But I’m sure the DNC will continue to insist the bill had nothing to do with Democrats’ defeats this year.

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