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Sarah Palin, Autographing Shirts Predicting Her as Next President


Hmmm. I notice this detail in a local write-up about a Sarah Palin book-signing event in Kentucky.

Tammy Pickett and Jennifer Cross’s smiles and neon green sweatshirts shone across the store as they waited for their turn. Pickett embroidered both shirts, which read, “I came to meet the 45th president.” She said she made similar sweatshirts when she met President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on their campaign trails.

Pickett said Palin liked the shirts so much she made an exception to her normal rule of signing only books; Palin signed both sweatshirts and had the women pose with her for a photo.

Is Sarah Palin running for president in 2012? She certainly doesn’t mind feeding the expectation that she will.

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