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RNC Memo Touts What They Did Right This Cycle


Over at Politico, they received a memo from RNC chief of staff Michael Leavitt, attempting to defend the RNC’s record in the past cycle in light of the committee’s $15 million in debt and the familiar criticisms of Michael Steele’s management.

The memo is long on reciting GOP wins this cycle; the RNC’s share of the credit for those wins is pretty debatable. In terms of specific RNC accomplishments, the memo lists a few points:

The RNC played a critical role in driving record Republican turnout in 2010.

  • The RNC worked to establish and fund a record 360 Victory offices across the country with paid staff persons in the 2010 cycle, compared to just 154 Victory offices in 2008 and 140 in 2006. Moreover, the RNC established Victory offices earlier than in the past, further boosting GOTV efforts.
  • The RNC made over 45 million voter contacts in the 2010 cycle, far more than in previous elections, including presidential years as well as midterms. These contacts were critical: the number of voter contacts this year, as it had in the past, correlated very strongly with actual voter turnout.
  • Our ―Fire Pelosi! RNC bus tour conducted hundreds of rallies and countless media events in 48 states in the weeks leading up to the election, energizing voters across the country and generating earned media for candidates and the Republican message.

I’m hearing a few more murmurs wondering whether Steele will run for another term. The $15 million debt, along with all-too-memorable phrases like “lesbian bondage–themed club,” give his challengers a lot of easy targets.

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