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A Christmas Poem From the Good Folks at No Labels


The good folks at No Labels… er, wait, if they oppose labels, I guess I shouldn’t call them “good,” then… those folks send along a message:

It’s tough to be a doubter in December, but many pundits and politicians have been cynical about the possibility of No Labels’ success.  To them, Democrats are Democrats and Republicans are Republicans and all they should ever do is try to beat the other side into the ground.  That’s not good politics, and it is terrible for the country.  That’s why No Labels is all about bringing people together so that we can move forward. 

And over the past few days, we’ve seen how that is possible.  The two parties came together to pass a tax and economic package, a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the New START Treaty, and health care for 9/11 responders with large, bipartisan majorities.  That is a stark contrast to the kind of “take no prisoners” and “go it alone” politics we’ve seen from both parties over the past few years – and it gives us hope. 

But what is most hopeful and inspiring in American politics is you.  In just the past couple of weeks, you’ve helped build the fastest growing movement in America – even with cable TV talking heads, elitist newspaper columnists, and talk radio hosts attacking you every step of the way.  Just this past week, No Labels has been the talk of the nation from “Meet the Press” to your local newspaper.

It’s easy to be the fastest-growing movement when you start from zero. They close their message,

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,

Americans were joining a new bipartisan band.

They were calling out the media and the politicians too

For putting parties first instead of me and you.

In 2011, wherever the partisans are found

There will be a new force seeking common ground.

Santa Claus may be just one of the fables

But you’ve made something real: You’ve created No Labels.

I conclude, “When you have no real principles, and ‘bipartisan-land’ is home, no wonder you’re left mimicking an old Christmas poem.”

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