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What Are You Finished With After 2010?


A moment ago, I appeared on Michael Graham’s radio program, where his theme of the day is “Things that you are done with in 2010.”

After 2010, I am finished with hearing President Obama, at some event outside the nation’s capital, talk about how glad he is to be out of Washington. He spent all of 2007 and 2008 imploring us to send him to Washington; now that he has the job, he can’t stop telling us how much he hates it there.

I am finished with talk of “green shoots” and other wildly overhyped faint, tiny, kinda-sorta indicators of economic recovery. Either we’re recovering or we aren’t. I scoffed at the “green shoots” talk of early 2009, and feel pretty vindicated.

I am finished with… Mike Bloomberg 2012 talk (although I guess that’s been snowed out), David Petraeus 2012 talk, and even Chris Christie 2012 talk, or buzz about any other figure who has said, definitively and repeatedly, that he’s not running for president.

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