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Bob Menendez: Polls Don’t Really Capture How Popular I Am


File this away for the next time the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee cites a PPP survey: “Earlier this month, Public Policy Polling found that only 37 percent of New Jersey voters think [New Jersey Sen. and former DSCC Chair Bob] Menendez is doing a good job. But despite this lukewarm approval rating, Menendez would easily trump several challengers in hypothetical 2012 match-ups, the polling company found. During a recent editorial board meeting earlier this month at The Jersey Journal, Menendez said he respects polls, but thinks ‘they don’t do the right sample sizing’ to come up with correct numbers.”

(By the way, have I complained about PPP’s sampling? Sure. But I have a hard time believing PPP’s recent efforts in New Jersey are undersampling Democrats or Menendez fans. Their sample broke down 43 percent Democrat, 29 percent Republican, 27 percent other. Beyond that, New Jerseyans are traditionally dissatisfied with their elected officials…)

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