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Q-Poll: Mixed News for Nelson and Obama, Good News for Rubio


In Quinnipiac’s latest survey in Florida, the news is “meh” for Sen. Bill Nelson and President Obama, but pretty good for Marco Rubio… not that he has to face the voters anytime soon:

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has a 45 – 21 percent job approval rating among registered voters, who say 43 – 33 percent that he deserves re-election, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has a 42 – 20 percent job approval rating after his first month in office, the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds.

President Barack Obama gets a split job approval rating as 47 percent approve and 49 percent disapprove.  By a narrow 48 – 45 percent margin, voters say the president does not deserve a second term.   In fact, 40 percent of Florida voters would back Obama while 42 percent say they would back an unnamed Republican challenger.

“Sen. Bill Nelson’s numbers are mixed.  Only one in five voters is unhappy with his job performance, which indicates he hasn’t stirred up strong opposition.  But history shows that when only 43 percent of voters say an incumbent deserves another term, that incumbent sometimes doesn’t get another term,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.  “Sen. Nelson is not in terrific shape but he is not in terrible shape either.  His fate may rest with how President Barack Obama does in 2012 as Florida voters see the two men similarly on the issues.”

The Florida Senate race is almost certain to be one of the 2012 cycle’s most high-profile and hotly-contested contests…

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