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The Nevada Caucus Panic Story Came Early This Year


Our friends at Politico need to look at a calendar. By midyear, this might be a phenomenon worth writing about:

In 2008, Nevada Republicans threw an early presidential primary caucus — and practically nobody came. For 2012, they’re hopeful the candidates will pay more attention. They point to the fact that unlike last time, Nevada has been approved this time as an early state by the Republican National Committee. Also unlike last time, in 2012 the Nevada caucuses will be binding and proportional, which the state’s Republicans hope will make them a bigger deal. Yet, there’s already evidence that the state again is being treated like chopped liver. More potential GOP candidates have traveled to Israel this year — three — than to Nevada.

Egads! It is February 7, 2011, and yet no one has yet stopped by for their precinct caucus scheduled for February 18, 2012! Clearly, this is a most newsworthy snub.

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