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Andrea Mitchell Finally Finds an ‘Appropriation’ She Opposes


From Tuesday’s Morning Jolt . . .

Proving Everyone Remembers Their Preferred Version of Reagan . . .

Really, friends on the left? You couldn’t leave us to enjoy our Reagan’s 100th Birthday Jamboree in peace? You had to argue he was never really on our side after all?

The Daily Caller: On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, broadcast from the Reagan Ranch in Simi Valley, Calif., NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell said Republicans are misusing the legacy of Ronald Reagan. She explained Reagan was more of a pragmatist than a ideologue. “I mean, he said, ‘This is — the sound you hear around my feet is the concrete breaking around my feet,’ whatever the exact words were,” she said. “People are trying – Republicans in particular, obviously trying to appropriate Ronald Reagan for their own political purposes now.”

The Ace of Spades: “If Reagan Was Such a Moderate . . . on things like firing the striking PATCO union members, on taking an aggressive policy against the Soviet Union (Reagan’s view of detente: We win, they lose), on slashing tax rates, on greatly expanding the military and upgrading our nuclear deterrent, etc., etc., etc,. then what were liberals like Andrew Mitchell doing shrieking bloody murder and claiming Ronny Raygun was going to destroy the world in a nuclear war? Boy . . . When the DNC puts out its talking points, Andrea Mitchell really takes them to the limit, doesn’t she? This idea of Reagan as Great Compromiser was born recently as a DNC strategy to claim that today’s conservatives aren’t like the only good conservatives (dead ones, of course) and so draft Reagan into the odd role of Obama supporter. It’s one thing for a political party to attempt this gambit. What the hell is a supposed journalist doing regurgitating such [stuff that a bull leaves in a field after it’s done digesting]? Or is Andrea Mitchell this stupid that the Obama Mind Trick worked so well?”

Allahpundit, writing at Hot Air: “This is like accusing Major League Baseball of ‘appropriating’ Babe Ruth to promote baseball. It’s also a neat illustration of Jonah Goldberg’s point about how the media loves conservatives when they’re dead, so much so that Reagan isn’t even a conservative anymore in Mitchell’s telling. Still, let’s be honest: Our side does this too. Hawkish Democrats like Truman and JFK and Scoop Jackson are all staples of righty rhetoric whenever we want to beat liberals over the head for their dovishness. There are few things more politically useful than a dead icon from the other party who’s closer to your position than theirs. The difference between the sides in using this tactic, I think, is that we have more to choose from than they do. Reagan is the only iconic Republican president since World War II who was thoroughly and unmistakably conservative, so if you want to score a point on the right, you’re pretty much stuck with him. Hence Mitchell’s dilemma. In an argument about bipartisanship (or nonpartisanship), she’d be better off citing Eisenhower, but because Ike holds little ideological currency today, she’s forced to go for the Gipper.”

ADDENDA: Late Monday night, the New York Times reported, “Keith Olbermann, the former top-rated host of “Countdown” on the news channel MSNBC, will announce his next television home on Tuesday, and people familiar with his plans pointed Monday to a possible deal with the public affairs channel Current TV.”

Nathan Wurtzel responded, “Given the choice between Current TV and the cut-out refrigerator box, I’m not sure Olbermann made the right call.”

Mark Simone: “Current TV? Olbermann would have more visibility in the Witness Protection program.”

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