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The NRCC Unveils ‘Texts From Two Years Ago’


The NRCC debuts “Texts From Two Years Ago” [update: now called "Texts From Last Congress"], showcasing regrettable comments from incumbent House Democrats who weren’t washed away by the red tide of the 2010 midterms, coupled with fictional (although believable) constituent responses.

An example:

(202) McIntyre:

“This bill is not perfect, and I am very concerned about its cost as a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility.”1

(910) Constituent:

Wow. I’m guessing you voted no then?

(202) McIntyre:

Oh no, I voted yes, just saying fiscal responsibility is hip these days.

(910) Constituent:

Gee, thanks for nothing.

Or in Wisconsin . . .

(202) Ron Kind:

“What we’re trying to do is pass a recovery package that will create jobs, act quickly and then end . . .”1  

(608) Constituent:

Well, you were right about one thing . . . Those jobs ended pretty quickly.

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