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Mitch Daniels Clarifies: ‘Yesterday, I Was Careless.’


Mitch Daniels just issued this to Republican members of the Indiana General Assembly:

Republican Members of the General Assembly:

My comments yesterday afternoon were completely misunderstood by some members of the media, although not by most, and I take responsibility for it. When I began my comments by stating “Just to affirm, the activities of today are a perfectly legitimate part of the process, even the smallest minority, and that’s what we have heard from the last couple of days, has every right to express the strength of its views and I salute those who did, ” I was referring to the activities of those men and women of the public who came to the statehouse to participate in the process and share their view. I was absolutely not referring to Minority Leader Bauer and the House Democrats, whose behavior is of course unacceptable.

The rest of my comments were directed at Minority Leader Bauer and the House Democrats. They were: “Just to be equally plain, I’m not sending the state police after anybody. I’m not going to divert a single trooper from their job of protecting the Indiana public. I trust that people’s consciences will bring them back to work and I choose to believe that our friends in the minority will, having made their point, will come back and do their duty and the jobs they are paid to do.”

I try to be precise in public comments, but yesterday I was careless. What I thought would be perfectly clear, on rereading my own words, was susceptible to being misconstrued and some reporters incorrectly did so. Sorry for the confusion; all my fault.

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