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Columbus Dispatch to Ex-Gov. Ted Strickland:
Stop Embarrassing Yourself


The Columbus Dispatch is unimpressed with the behavior of their former governor:

There is a long tradition in American politics in which an outgoing elected official says his goodbyes and then clears the stage for his successor. Even after bitterly fought campaigns, losing officeholders who take the high road during and after the transition are respected for their graciousness and dignity. At the very least, this conveys respect for the office, and equally important, it shows respect for the will of the voters who decided that someone new should take the helm. . . . Sadly, former Gov. Ted Strickland has not taken that high road, instead choosing almost from the moment the November ballots were counted to try to torpedo his successor, Gov. John Kasich. Of course, this is his prerogative. He is an Ohioan fully entitled to participate in politics and express his views. But most politicians do not choose to end their careers and cap their legacies by engaging in sour-grapes sniping and public efforts to undermine the successor whose administration is barely under way.

Don’t go away mad, Mr. Strickland. Just go away.

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