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Unilateral Action? From This President? Come On!


Judith Miller and Doug Schoen write on that “It’s Up to Obama to End Libyan Slaughter.”

Rather than wait for Qaddafi to escalate and carry out threats to use poison gas and house-to-house searches to root out his enemies, Obama should act now, unilaterally, to stop the slaughter.

One of the options he should consider is to create a “no-fly zone” over the capital, Tripoli, and the eastern part of the country which Qaddafi-loyal troops still control. President George H. W. Bush imposed such a zone over the Kurdish part of Iraq in 1991 after the Gulf War to prevent another monster, Saddam Hussein, from punishing the Kurds for rising up against him.

If Qaddafi truly intends to fight to the last “man, the last woman, the last bullet,” as his son has vowed, Obama should act now to save lives in Libya and say to the American people — indeed to the world — that this administration will not wait for U.N. or even NATO meetings to stop the slaughter.

Is there anything in Obama’s past, as president or before then, to indicate that he would be willing to do this? In Obama’s response to the Iranian uprising last year, or North Korea’s provocations, or the uprisings in Tunisia, or Egypt, or Iran again, or any other parts of the Middle East, is there anything that would make an observer think that the president might be willing to do this?

You might as well expect George W. Bush to start funding abortions, or to seek out a sit-down summit with Osama bin Laden.

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