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Let’s Help the DSCC Come Up With Some New Slogans!


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is asking folks to help them come up with a slogan for their new car magnet. Among their current nominees:

  • We’ve Got Your Back, Barack
  • Repeal Republicans in 2012
  • Had Enough Tea?
  • Brick by Brick, We’re Building a Firewall
  • Hey GOP? You’re Firewalled!

Number three seems to invite the reader to admit a bladder-control problem, and number four has nothing to indicate it has anything to do with politics. It could be a slogan for a construction or computer-security firm.

The DSCC seems to recognize their current selection is . . . weak: “We’re launching a campaign to find a short, pithy way to sum up why it’s so important to keep the Senate in Democratic hands in 2012, and we want — scratch that — NEED your input.” Indeed you do, fellas. Indeed you do.

I’m not sure why they’re trying to spread their messages through car magnets. With gas prices skyrocketing under President Obama, folks can’t afford to drive as much, and that means those car magnets will be sitting in garages and parking lots.

Nonetheless, in the interest of bipartisanship, let’s help them out. Off the top of my head, I came up with . . .

  • My other car is a Volt, and you paid for it
  • My child is an honor student, despite his unionized teacher leaving to protest all the time
  • United We Stand Against Those Despicable Teabaggers
  • This Magnet Proves I’m Smarter Than You
  • If You Can’t Take the Heat, Run Across the State Line and Refuse to Vote

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