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Rumsfeld: Maybe Obama Skipped Congress Because He Doesn’t Know His Own Goals


My friends at SiriusXM POTUS channel send along word that their morning anchor, Tim Farley, completed an interview with former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, discussing Libya and the Middle East. The interview will air tomorrow, but they offer a quick preview:

Obama unsure on Libya mission:

“It may very well be that one of the reasons he [Obama] didn’t go to Congress was that he didn’t know what his goals were or what the mission would be. And you can’t go to Congress and ask for support if you don’t have some reasonable precision as to what it is you plan to do. And we’ve heard varying views as to what the goal is. One person says it’s to have Gadhafi eliminated and taken out of office other people say, ‘no, that’s not the mission.’ So there’s so much confusion about it and it struck me that maybe the reason they haven’t gone to Congress is that.”

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