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Obama’s 2012 Campaign Debuts, for Real This Time


President Obama’s campaign for reelection launches today.

It begins with this video:

A couple orf interesting notes:

It avoids the traditional use of individuals describing a successful record and citing evidence of an economic comeback. Probably because these were, er, difficult to find.

One “average American” says that she can’t believe that he’s president. Two and a half years in.

One supporter notes he wasn’t old enough to vote in 2008.

One supporter notes, “President Obama is one person. Plus, he has got a job. We’re paying him to do a job, so we can’t say, ‘Hey, can you just take some time off to get us all energized?’ We have to figure it out.”

Plus, you know, the golf game, the brackets, the DNC fundraisers, the meetings with championship sports teams, the bullying summits . . . he can’t do everything, you know.

“We want people to have homes,” says one supporter, as foreclosures hit a new high. “We want jobs to be out there,” as unemployment plummets to a mere 8.8 percent, and 2.9 million Americans leave the workforce.

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