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A Madlib Statement From a Mad Lib


Can you think of a bad thing, a key voter demographic, a good thing, and some group designated to be villains by the Democratic party?

Then you too can write Nancy Pelosi’s response to Paul Ryan’s budget!

As you have probably noticed, almost every statement from Pelosi utilizes a basic formula from the “Mad Libs” games we did as kids: “The (current GOP proposal) is a path to (bad thing) for (key voter group) and a road to (good thing) for (designated villain).”

Already, Pelosi has used this simple formula to declare, “The GOP Ryan budget is a path to poverty for America’s seniors & children and a road to riches for big oil.”

Later today, you’ll probably hear her add, “The GOP Ryan budget is a path to deprivation for America’s minorities and handicapped and a road to euphoria for health insurance companies.”

And by tonight, she’ll by saying, “The GOP Ryan budget is a path to obsessive-compulsive disorder for America’s exurban independent voters age 30 to 49 and a road to abundance for Charlie Sheen.”

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