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Who Was the Donald Trump of the 2008 Cycle? Well...


As Trump-mania continues, recall that at this point in the past cycle – April 2007 – the leading contender for the Republican nomination was a pugnacious New Yorker with a combover, whose past marital problems had entertained city the tabloids and Spy magazine since the 1980s, who had a reputation for larger-than-life tough talk and combativeness, who was making big money in the private sector and who was ubiquitous on television for a while. Oh, and Darrell Hammond played him on Saturday Night Live.

That contender, of course, was Rudy Giuliani, who ended up winning a single delegate. So as the former mayor will tell you, the lead in April the year before the primaries isn’t always worth all that much.

(You can see video of Trump putting the moves on Giuliani in drag in a short, comedic sketch shown at a mayoral dinner here. You, er, may not want to watch that.)

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