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NRA Convention Part Five: Bolton and Cain


John Bolton’s remarks to the NRA attendees addressed a range of topics, some more related to gun issues than others  (the Obama administration’s reluctance to support domestic drilling, the National Labor Relations Board’s efforts to impede Boeing’s move to South Carolina.”

But Bolton offered a powerful and Second Amendment-centered critique of Obama when discussing violence on the U.S. southern border and in Mexico, where he said “the very essence of civil society is endangered by growth and power of drug cartels.”

Bolton attacked the notion that that the American right to own a gun under the Second Amendment is  responsible for the gun violence in Mexico as a “subterfuge,” and argued that the administration’s demonization of U.S. gun dealers as “laying the predicate for stricter gun control laws.”

“As President Obama likes to say, ‘he’s playing the long game.’ When he faces no further electoral constraints, his true agenda will come to the fore.” With a smile, he said to the NRA conventioneers, “I know you’ll know what to do about it.”

Bolton’s intellectual demeanor and data-heavy speeches don’t necessarily make for barnburning speeches, but he seemed to be one of the most deeply respected figures to address the NRA today.

The final potential presidential candidate to address the group today was former Godfather’s pizza CEO Herman Cain, who, for all of the obstacles and long odds facing his candidacy, remains one of the most electrifying speakers in the GOP field.

He began quite simply, “Fellow patriots – the Founding Fathers got it right,” with a confident grin that generated cries of “YEAH!” from the audience.

He continued, “we have to alter this entitlement mentality in America and build an empowerment society. We need to alter this victim mentality and build a society of victors. My parents never saw themselves as victims as they pursued their American dreams.”

In a comment that seemed to apply to Tea Party members as much as to NRA members, Cain urged the audience to “Stay involved! One of the reasons they [on the other side] assuming that we are not going to take [the country] back is becuase they think we aren’t going to stay involved! …Remember, they didn’t get a poll saying a majority of the people wanted to fight King George.”

Cain closed with a captivating story about holding his first granddaughter at the hospital, and he closed, “It is not about us – it is about the grandchildren. It’s not about us, it is about the future generations and their ability to pursue dreams. You can achieve anything in this great country if you believe in God, if you believe in yourself, and you believe in the greatest country in the world – those are the keys to success in America.”

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