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The Osama Raid Nearly Scuttled Obama’s Interview With Oprah


Osama’s crimes are endless, it seems. Apparently his death really complicated life for Oprah Winfrey.

Late on Sunday night, Oprah began responding to a series of fan inquiries about her seemingly perfectly-timed sitdown with the Obamas.

Yes, awake,” she wrote to one fan. “Trying to decide what to do about tomorrow’s show with Prez that was taped last week.”

Show will feel dated because we taped last week,” she went on. “Not even a hint of Osama’s demise. Still happy to have them on.”

And in the end, as anyone who was glued to their TV yesterday to watch the episode (only 17 shows to go!) knows, she did indeed air the show as is. The only conceit to acknowledging the show’s lack of the biggest news story of the day year is a crawl that occasionally popped up during the show, noting that it was “previously recorded.”

The ill-timing clearly continued to irk Oprah throughout the day, however, as she continued to respond to comments about the episode.

How dare he!

I suspect many readers will be surprised Obama didn’t whisper news of the impending raid to Oprah during a commercial break.

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