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Huckabee to Address Medical Suppliers May 23


NDC, Inc. is a company that “represents over 280 distributors, the largest organization of independent medical, surgical, dental and laboratory supply distributors in the United States.” They’re having their annual meeting/international exhibition May 22 through 24 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The keynote speaker will be . . . former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, talking about “government, healthcare reform, and his new book.”

Fox News has reportedly given Huckabee until the end of the month to decide on whether or not he wants to run for president.

If Huckabee wanted to debut with a blistering attack on Obamacare, an audience of hundreds or thousands of medical-supply-company workers — whose products are taxed extra under Obama’s new law — would make a good venue, no?

UPDATE: Fox News denies the report of the ultimatum to Huckabee.

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