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The Messy Free-for-All in Nevada’s 2nd District


Over on the home page, I take a look at the free-for-all that is emerging in the special House election scheduled for September 13 in Nevada’s 2nd congressional district. (Rep. Dean Heller, the former incumbent, is now a U.S. senator.) There will be no party primary; the ballot will be open to anyone with 100 signatures. While the vast district is generally Republican-leaning, there are at least four major GOP candidates: former state assemblywoman and Senate candidate Sharron Angle, state senator Greg Brower, former U.S.S. Cole commander Kirk Lippold, and Nevada Republican-party chairman Mark Amodei.

At this point, only three Democrats are running, and state treasurer Kate Marshall appears to be the best-known. Whoever gets the most votes wins, so it is quite possible that a Democrat could win the seat.

With no primary scheduled, and the obvious problems of the state party somehow unilaterally appointing its nominee (COUGHscozzafavaCOUGH), the GOP needs its voters in this district to coalesce behind a candidate. But which one and how?

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