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Wisconsin Club for Growth: Hey, We Like Tommy Thompson’s Record as Governor!


Yesterday I reported that Club for Growth chairman Chris Chocola was not a fan of former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson as a potential senator, and was already issuing statements declaring Thompson a “big-government pro-tax Republican whose time has come and gone. “

Now the Wisconsin state chapter of the Club for Growth is saying, “Hey, whoa, whoa, the national guys don’t speak for us.”

Following a recent release by the National Club for Growth regarding former Governor Tommy Thompson, the Wisconsin Club for Growth issued the following statement:

The Wisconsin Club for Growth, Inc. (WICFG) is an independent 501(c)(4) organization. WICFG shares the same economic agenda of the National Club for Growth, but is a completely independent and separate organization. While WICFG does not intend to issue statements or offer opinions regarding the positions of candidates for U.S.Senate, we recognize Governor Tommy Thompson’s significant contributions to improving Wisconsin’s economy and reforming government. Governor Thompson served the citizens of Wisconsin with distinction for fourteen years.

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