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All Americans Can Unite in Amusement Over Biden 2016 Bid


From the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt:

Biden 2016: Because This Is a Big Blanking Deal

I’m sure Jonah will recommend the slogan “Get these squirrels off of me!”

Bryan Preston can’t help but encourage him: “And every Republican in the country agrees: Dem donors, please don’t forget about Biden in 2016. Give him all your money. Biden is assuming an Obama win in 2012, which is far from a sure thing with Obama polling in the 40s now and the economy nowhere near close to robust. In fact, by 2016 there’s a good chance the Democrats will be facing a GOP incumbent. If that’s the case, Biden is not likely at all to be the man Democrats turn to for a White House recapture. But if he wants to run, and Democrats want to give him their money, who am I to stand in their way?”

Sister Toldjah is similarly enthusiastic: “One thing’s for sure: If nothing else came good came out of a 2016 Biden run, the number of notable quotables would make watching him attempt another fail-destined run for President again almost bearable.”

But Doug Mataconis finds the scenario not that unthinkable: “Because of his age and his health history (Biden suffered a brain aneurysm in 1988 and nearly died) many had assumed that Biden would follow Dick Cheney and decline to run for his party’s nomination, and he may well end up doing that. If he runs, though, depending on the reputation of the Obama/Biden Administration at that point, he’d arguably crowd up much of the rest of a prospective Democratic field. He’d be old, but not much older than Reagan was when in ran in 1980, or John McCain was in 2008. President Biden? Stay tuned I guess.”

Joe Biden: A unifier, not a divider.

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