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Listen a Little Closer to the Au Pair


The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank writes a fairly interesting column about watching Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu’s address to Congress with his 21-year-old Israeli au pair, who wasn’t a fan of Netanyahu before but who is now solidly in his corner.

But Milbank’s conclusion is, “This is why Obama’s speech was such a blunder. By pushing an Israeli moderate such as Inna into the arms of Netanyahu, Obama has strengthened the hard-liners.”

Interesting that the blunder is making Netanyahu more popular, as opposed to proposing a plan that even a relatively apolitical young Israeli would deem “crazy” and “impossible.” In other words, from this column, it seems it never crosses Milbank’s mind that the assessment of Israeli security needs from Netanyahu and his au pair is right, and that Obama’s assessment could be just flat wrong.

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