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Tim Pawlenty Tweets of Obama’s ‘European Pub Crawl’


Snap, from Tim Pawlenty’s Twitter account:

@BarackObama sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan?

Is visiting European capitals and the G-8 summit really fairly characterized as a “pub crawl”? Eh, maybe not. But the visual of Obama drinking Guinness in the bar got plenty of play, and it fits the GOP theme that Obama is often doing the candidate side work.

This is the first sign of the Trump pugnaciousness rubbing off on other candidates.

Dave Weigel disagrees with my prediction that we won’t see Barack Obama inside another bar for the remainder of the campaign. We’ll see; clearly the mockery of his golf game hasn’t kept Obama off the links. In fact, this White House prefers to ignore criticism of bad optics, as the Los Angeles Times’s Andrew Malcolm laid out in great detail.

But Obama’s strength has never been the have-a-beer-with-the-guys campaign stops, anyway. (“Can’t I just eat my waffle?”) He thrives with the full arenas, with thousands chanting his name and fainting in his presence. Any future appearances with those venues will assure snarky comments and Leno jokes about, “Ah, the presidential pub crawl continues,” and you never know which misstep or bad trait will start to stick in the public narrative of a president.

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