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MSM to Weiner: No, Really, We Can’t Believe Your Story


A bit of Weiner-roasting in the Wednesday morning Jolt:

. . . Sometimes you just have to give a Weiner story time to cook on the grill.

New York magazine can no longer hide their skepticism of his story: “We won’t pretend to know the truth behind Weinergate — whether Weiner was the victim of a hacker or prankster or conservative conspiracy, or whether he was personally responsible for sending a college girl a photo of a man’s bulge over Twitter. But what’s clear is that Weiner is only inviting more suspicion on himself by the way he’s handling the attention. During an encounter with reporters earlier today, Weiner refused to answer any questions about the incident, including whether that was his own package in the photo, why he contacted a lawyer instead of law enforcement, and why he was following the college student on Twitter in the first place. Instead, he pointed reporters to his previous statements (which don’t actually address those questions) and expressed his desire to move on to more important business… Evading questions, however, is a strategy most often utilized by people with something to hide, and will only further pique the media’s interest. Weiner either has something to hide, or he has no idea how the media operates.”

Ah, that Congressman Weiner. If only he knew how the media operated. A shame I’ve never seen him on television before.

Is it just me, or does that post read like a friendly media source begging for a “modified limited hangout” admitting some flirtacious shenanigans? Between the lines, doesn’t it sound a little like, “hey, pal, we’re your friends and not even we can swallow this I-was-hacked-but-I-didn’t-call-the-cops-and-hired-a-lawyer routine.”

Michelle Malkin analyzes it all with, if not sympathy, a certain understanding borne from experience of watching powerful men brought down by runaway, reckless libidos: “Even the Beltway press is not buying it. Lefty blogs are not doing themselves any favors with wild and desperate conspiracies about this being a right-wing hit job. And MSM types who are dismissing the story are not doing themselves any favors with their selective moral policing of Dem vs. GOP politicians. So many other conservative blogs have done yeomen’s work digging into Weiner-gate. Memeorandum has links galore on all the forensic work. (Note to Ace of Spades: There’s no “embargo” among the “conservative media establishment.” Don’t throw in the towel. You should be taking a victory lap. Fit is hitting the shan. Petards are being hoisted. And it wasn’t necessary to have every conservative site featuring the story in Armaggedon-size font. That is a good thing.) … My best guess about what really happened: As a dedicated Twitter user myself, the most likely scenario is that Weiner himself mistakenly DM’ed (direct-messaged) the “prank” photo to the young woman in Seattle and intended it to be private. It takes just one wrong keystroke for a private DM to appear in one’s public timeline. (Allah wonders if Weiner would be so stupid as to post the photo through publicly-viewed Yfrog, but as we’ve seen from the recent bipartisan parade of — pardon my language — political wankers from Ensign and Edwards to Schwarzenegger and Sanford, etc, etc, etc — politicians do supremely stupid things when they think with the wrong organ.)”

There’s also a quick look at Sarah Palin’s meeting with Donald Trump, and her seeming approval of the concept of a “Palin-Trump” ticket. Because when I think of the qualities usually associated with a good vice president — loyalty, humility, a willingness to let the boss shine in the spotlight, a willingness to do the less glamorous tasks, an inner peace that accepts being a background player, seen and not heard — I think Donald Trump.

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