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Virginia GOP: President Obama, Learn While You’re Here.


Today, President Obama returns to Northern Virginia Community College to talk up the value of jobs training.

The Republican party of Virginia welcomes him with a video, spotlighting lousy national economic and unemployment news, and contrasting it with the modest success story in their state, noting that job creation in the state picked up considerably since Bob McDonnell took over as governor. The number of people unemployed in Virginia peaked in January 2010, the month McDonnell took over, at 302,219. As of April, the most recent month that numbers are available, there are now 47,002 fewer people unemployed in the state. Today, while the national rate is 9.1 percent, Virginia’s is 6.1 percent; the state has enjoyed a steady decline over the past year, while the national rate has been much tougher to bring down consistently.

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