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The Political Use of the White House ‘Just Got More Interesting’


Was the below campaign video filmed in the White House? It certainly appears so, although it’s hard to say with certainty.

We all remember President Bill Clinton using the Oval Office for fundraising events in 1996. Strangely, even he had the decency to not use the White House for campaign videos.

UPDATE: Judging from the lamp, it looks like the White House, seen here in Obama’s address to Berliners in 2009:


A reader sends in this George H. W. Bush ad from 1992 that begins with him looking out the windows of the Oval Office:

And this ad, from Michael Dukakis in 1988, used the image of the Oval Office but was not filmed there.


UPDATE: RealClearPolitics finds more Obama videos filmed in the same spot, confirming it is, indeed, the White House where Obama’s pitch for his campaign dinner contest.

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