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Republicans Governors Hold 2-to-1 Fundraising Advantage Over Democrats


Fresh off announcing earlier this week that it had raised $22 million, the Republican Governors Association is chuckling this morning upon learning that its counterpart, the Democrat Governors Association, has raised $11 million.

The RGA also enjoys a similar (roughly) 2-to-1 advantage in cash on hand, $16.2 million to $8.6 million.

Particularly giggle-inducing was DGA chairman and Maryland governor Martin O’Malley’s declaration that the DGA is “leading the way.”

Mike Schrimpf, communications director of the RGA, jabs, “Only in the most creative of imaginations could the fact that Democrat governors are getting doubled up on the fundraising be a sign that they are ‘leading the way.’ Perhaps O’Malley’s over-the-top rhetoric can be attributed to concerns about his fundraising performance relative to leading GOP governors, or maybe it is a startled reaction caused by seeing Andrew Cuomo’s shadow looming behind him.”

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