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Not Yet Enthused About the GOP Field? Neither Is Christie.


The Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt has a lot of comments about Obama’s big prime-time national address on the debt ceiling, some discussion of that survey indicating voters have no trust of major media institutions anymore, and a quick follow-up on that big name who was in Iowa yesterday:

Chris Christie: When I Really Like Somebody, You’ll Know

Sounds like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn’t enthusiastic about anyone in the GOP field yet. He said in Iowa yesterday, “If I believed that someone has distinguished themselves in a way on the issues that I care about, that I feel enthusiastic enough to endorse them, I will… “I’m not a halfway kind of guy. If I’m going to get in and support someone, I’m going to do it 100 percent. To get there, I have to feel that way about one of the people offering themselves for president. If that moment comes, I certainly won’t keep it a secret… I know that I’ll be supporting whoever our party’s nominee is.”

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