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Obama Fan at His Birthday Party: ‘We’re In a Recession Right Now.’


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Wednesday: “We do not believe that there is a threat there of a double-dip recession.”

Meanwhile, an Obama supporter in Chicago Wednesday:

Leo Henton, 52, a Boeing engineer from Seattle who was on vacation with his wife, Cynthia, said that Obama was realistic in the face of stiff Republican opposition to raising taxes and cut the best deal he could.

“My opinion is that the deal is for 10 years and there’s a trigger,” said Henton, who was third in line. “We’re in a recession right now, or what sure looks like a recession to me. The heavy cuts will not come in for another two years. He did the wise thing in terms of the deal.”

I suppose they could both be right if we never really emerged from the first recession, a conclusion that the persistently high unemployment rate would seem to support.

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