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Rick Perry’s Stem Cells, Too Potent For Most Mere Mortals


Plenty of talk about the tumbling market and ominous indicators on jobs in the Morning Jolt, but at least it can close with a lighter note…

No , Really, the Stem Cell Injection Is an Actual Rick Perry Fact

Upon hearing of Rick Perry’s surgery involving stem cells, I was inspired to discover another “Rick Perry Fact”, which tend to echo past Facts about Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer: “Rick Perry’s stem cells are the basis of the Super-Soldier Serum.” (Other Rick Perry Facts: He can slam a revolving door, he can leave a message before the beep and he hired himself as his own bodyguard.)

In fact, Timmy the Kid offered a variation paying homage to the classics of the genre: “Weighing his options, Rick Perry declined a Norris/Bauer hybrid stem cell. He didn’t want to dilute his genetic material.”

The gist: “The possible presidential contender didn’t reveal that he’d undergone an experimental injection of his own stem cells, a therapy that isn’t FDA approved, has mixed evidence of success and can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. The governor’s procedure did not involve embryonic stem cells, which he and many other conservatives ardently oppose using for medical research on both religious and moral grounds. His treatment involved removing his own adult stem cells from healthy tissue and injecting them back into his body at the time of surgery, with the belief that the cells would assist tissue regeneration and speed recovery… While some doctors and biomedical engineers swear by the benefits of this relatively new science and offer the therapy to patients with everything from slipped discs to cardiac disease, stem cell experts say there’s still little clinical evidence — aside from research on animals and small-scale human studies — that it’s effective.”

At Just One Minute, Tom Maguire can’t figure out what the fuss is about: “Apparently Texas Governor Rick Perry put his money (and his backside) where his mouth is and underwent an adult stem cell procedure of the sort he has been calling for Texas to take the lead in.  I am hazy as to why this might be a scandal, but the reporting is pretty breathless… More research is needed and the Governor stepped up as a guinea pig… Perry picked up the tab for everything not covered by insurance.  If this procedure might help and probably won’t hurt, what is the big deal? ”

The Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, concurs, “As I understand it, most social-cons are actually quite supportive of adult stem-cell therapy, as opposed to embryonic stem-cell therapy. The fact that the particular treatment that Perry got hasn’t been approved by the FDA doesn’t seem like something that would have a lot of people upset either, but perhaps as a libertarian I’m missing something here.”

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