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Obama Disapproval Hits All-Time High; CNN Writes Boring Headline


CNN reports:

CNN Poll: Obama approval rating remains steady in mid 40′s

Washington (CNN) - As President Barack Obama stood before cameras Monday afternoon to offer a reassuring assessment of the nation’s economy, a new national survey conducted over the weekend indicates that the president’s approval rating has held steady.

Obama’s at a 44 percent approval, 54 percent disapproval split.

I looked at the full results. You know what other headline could have fit these results? “Obama Disapproval Rating Ties All-Time High.”

Or, “Disapproval of Obama on the Economy Hits All-Time High at 64%.”

Or, “Disapproval of Obama on Foreign Affairs Hits All-Time High at 50%.”

Or, “Disapproval of Obama on the Deficit Hits All-Time High at 64%.”

Or, “Disapproval of Obama on Unemployment Hits All-Time High at 60%.”

Or, “Obama Approval Among Independents Hits 36%, While 62% Disapprove.”

Or, “Only 25% of Independents Approve of How Obama’s Handling the Economy.”

I mean, the possibilities are almost endless.

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