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Shock: Lefty Columnist Can’t Understand Why Conservatives Like Cain


Bob Ray Sanders, columnist for McClatchy newspapers: “Then there’s Herman Cain, former CEO of a pizza chain, who many conservatives ‘adore’ perhaps because he’s a black man who obviously has never been smitten by liberation theology.”

Yeah, that has to be it. It couldn’t be because he’s a successful businessman, it can’t be because of his inspiring rise from humble roots, it can’t be his willingness to tell the president of the United States what he didn’t want to hear regarding health care insurance costs to employers, long before he was in the political arena:

It can’t be that he’s been chairman of a Federal Reserve bank. It can’t be his success and message as a columnist, author, radio talk show host and motivational speaker. Clearly, the only reason a conservative could like Cain is because he checks the all-important box of “black man who obviously has never been smitten by liberation theology.”

The drumbeat continues. The broader point of Sanders’ column is that he hopes conservative media will look as closely at GOP candidates’ pastors and spiritual mentors as they did to Obama’s longtime relationship with Jeremiah Wright – without the slightest acknowledgement that the fact that Obama had to renounce Wright to save his campaign indicates that the concern about and criticism of Wright was well-founded.

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