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In Nevada, GOP Takes 7,600-Vote Lead in Early Voting


Out in Nevada, the secretary of state is tracking the early voting results for the September 13 special U.S. House election pitting Republican Mark Amodei against Democrat Kate Marshall.

As of this morning, 11,559 registered Democrats have returned absentee ballots or voted early, 19,178 Republicans have returned ballots or voted early, and 4,134 members of other parties have returned ballots or voted early.

While it’s not certain that every registered Republican is voting for Amodei and that every Democrat is voting for Marshall, it still represents a margin of 7,619 more Republicans than Democrats.

It should be a friendly district for Republicans, although it has its share of unusual features:

Under its current lines, Nevada’s 2nd congressional district is the most Republican in the state, geographically encompassing almost the entire state outside of Las Vegas, including Reno and the capital, Carson City. It may be the single most bizarre district in the country, encompassing ghost towns, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site, Yucca Mountain, legal brothels, and Area 51. The non-extraterrestrials in the district tend to vote Republican; it scores an R+5 in the Cook Partisan Voting Index. Heller won increasingly easily, earning 63 percent of the vote in 2010. In 2008, John McCain and Barack Obama effectively tied in the district, while Obama won the state’s other districts handily.

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